How to Make Smarter Decisions About Money 08.22.18

What kind of 32-year-old thinks they can take on GM, Ford, and NASA at the same time? A freakin’ maniac. The kind of person who thinks normal constraints don’t apply to them – not in an egotistical way, but in a genuine, believe-it-in-your-bones way.

Natural Maniacs

“All investing comes back to arbitraging human nature. Why? Because it’s in your nature to sell during a panic. It’s in your nature to buy when everyone else is buying. It’s in your nature to make every behavioral mistake that exists out there.”

How to Arbitrage Human Nature

The Security App that Actually Makes Browsing Easier – Well worth the cost!

Dashlane Password Manager

I just finished reading this book and would highly recommend it for those interested in the foundations of investing and inevitable wealth.

The Geometry of Wealth – How to shape a life of money and meaning

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